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Hidden Glen Farm

The entrance to the Schorsch property.

We are fortunate to offer many interesting properties here at Kurfiss Sotheby’s International Realty, and one of the more intriguing that has come on the market in the past year is Continue reading

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pink starIt’s the biggest pink diamond the world has ever seen, 59.60 carats of internally flawless rock, and it now holds the record for the Continue reading

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Ding bowl

The ‘Ding’ Bowl from the Northern Song Dynasty that sold this week at Sotheby’s.

It’s every tag-sale shopper’s fantasy: Buy a $10 painting at a garage sale or flea market because you like the frame, find an original copy of the Declaration of Independence behind the amateur artwork in front, then sell rare document for $1,000,000. Or in the case of a New York family this week, make that a rare “Ding” bowl of the Northern Song Dynasty. Purchased for $3 at a yard sale in 2007, it sold at Sotheby’s auction house this week for, drumroll, please, $2,225,000. The family displayed the bowl on their mantle until becoming curious about it and consulting experts. Read more about the lucky find here.




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