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Welcome to Bristol, Pennsylvania. Located in southern Bucks County, Bristol pleasantly greets visitors and residents from every angle. Signs and murals, produced by a proactive, compassionate community, read, ‘Welcome, Friend.’ Historic and vibrant, Bristol is emerging as a hidden gem for those seeking a distinctive lifestyle.  Bristol is brilliantly situated for those who wish to have easy access to major cities, yet still enjoy the charms of a smaller town--commute via train 30 minutes to Philadelphia and an hour and 20 minute ride to New York City.


The pride residents take in the town is apparent at every turn. The stunning Grundy museum and library epitomize this pride. Made possible by the philanthropic Grundy Foundation, these Bristol landmarks provide the community with a gorgeous place to learn and interact. They are back-dropped by the stunning Bristol waterfront.


Perhaps the most famous and historic business in Bristol is the King George II Inn. Established in 1681, the King George is considered the oldest continuously operated inn in America. Host to such guests as General George Washington, James Madison and John Adams, the renovated establishment still delights guests with a lovely waterfront view.  Much more than an inn, the King George boasts multiple dining rooms, a full bar and friendly staff. Not to mention the outdoor dining space.


Bristol’s streets host a wide selection of businesses--From boutique shops….to traditional sandwich parlors, barber shops. The Bristol Riverside Theater is a professional regional theater and a cultural hub. The theater also has a fantastic location--it’s front door faces Radcliff street and its back door faces the river. After a production, take the back door outside and enjoy the Bristol waterfront.


During the summer months, residents enjoy choice views accompanied by summer breezes. Large ships meander quietly down the mighty Delaware River with ease. They provide viewing pleasure for both the young and the young at heart.

Grundy Mills, once a producer of fine textiles, now hosts several businesses in trendy, refurbished space. Repurposing structures, such as Grundy Mills, is Bristol’s was of honoring the the past while keeping a keen eye to the future. Public space is well maintained and community oriented. There is a consensus of constant improvement in Bristol. From its historic role in the revolutionary war, to its industrial output peak, to its current role as a beautiful place to make home, Bristol is sure to please

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