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In the heart of Bucks County is Buckingham Township. Steeped in history, this region is prized for its natural beauty and quality of life. Buckingham Township real estate offers a plethora of diverse properties.

If you are interested in a beautiful Pennsylvania home, properties in the area's prime locations are available, including Doylestown real estate and Carversville real estate.

Prior to European settment of the area, the Lenni Lenape Native Americans inhabited what would become Buckingham. Via land grants from William Penn, Welsh and English settlers were the first Europeans to make the region their home. Fertile soil made this section of Bucks County particularly fruitful. Agriculture remains an important part of Buckingham's economy and character with farms that have operated for hundreds of years. During the American Revolution, Bogarts Tavern in Buckingham Village hosted some of George Washington's closest officers. Portions of the plans for Washington's famous crossing of the Delaware were composed at the establishment. 

As folks moved into Buckingham in the 1950s, the region began to transform from agrarian farmland into its current suburban form. Some farms became neighborhoods, old gravel roads were paved, and the future of the township became unsure. Though, the paradox was clear; the influx of folks to Buckingham jeopordized the very appeal of the township. The 1990s brought a wave of legislation that would ultimately ensure the preservation of open land and natural features of the township. Residents also have the option to sell the development rights of their properties to the township in order to ensure long term preservation. Many have done so and thus have preserved hundreds of acres.  

Though the township is centered by the Village of Buckingham, there are also a number of villages/communities within the township's boundries--Wycombe, Furlong and Holicong to name a few. From century old stone homes new contruction townhouses, choice abounds when it comes to finding a home in Buckingham.

If you are interesting in buying a home or selling your home, one of our experienced and professional Buckingham Township real estate agents is available for your personal assistance.

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