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Arrive in the center of Carversville, a National Historic District in Solebury Township, Pennsylvania, and if all the cars were to disappear from view, you just might think you stepped back into the 19th century. You can just picture some horses tied to a hitching post outside the Carversville Inn or Carversville General Store, both of which face the village center. Surrounding the center of town is a mix of stone and frame houses, many immaculately restored. Some local residents have nicknamed the village “Brigadoon” because, they say, if you came back in 100 years, it would still look the same.

Located a mile or so from the banks of the Delaware River, Carversville is a favorite place for New Yorkers and Philadelphians who want a quiet getaway. Walk to the inn, which contains a tavern and restaurant where, inevitably, everyone will know your name before long, or grab a bite at the general store, which features a full menu of hot and cold sandwiches and gourmet take-out as well as provisions to whip up your own dinner.

For those who call Carversville home on a full-time basis, daily conveniences such as banks, grocery stores and gyms are about 10 minutes away in Doylestown or New Hope. Many residents commute to Doylestown, various points in New Jersey, or destinations in and around Philadelphia for employment.

While the village certainly has a fine selection of historical homes as well as some that clearly fall into the “fixer-upper” category, there are some newer (20 years old or less) homes just a few minutes from this ever-appealing village.

Recreational activities are nearby at the Delaware Canal path, a highly scenic place to bicycle, run, walk or cross-county ski.

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