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One of the first things you will notice upon arriving in Lumberville, a national historic district in Solebury Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, is that unlike much of Solebury, with its abundance of stone houses, most of the homes are indeed built of lumber. Sawmills were plentiful along the nearby Cuttalossa and Paunacussing creeks, and many of these 19th- century residences, impeccably maintained and painted in historically accurate colors, were constructed to house mill and canal workers. On the north end of the village, stone manor homes stand proudly overlooking the Delaware River. This collection of historical houses lines both sides of scenic River Road along the Delaware just 6.5 miles north of New Hope.

Lumberville is a favorite gathering spot for locals and tourists. The Raven Rock pedestrian bridge connects the town to Bulls Island Recreation Area in New Jersey and  provides easy access to the canal path on both sides of the river for bicycling, jogging, cross-country skiing in winter or dog walking. Next to this bridge, The Black Bass Hotel and Restaurant was built in the 1740s as the Lumberville Hotel. It is locally quite famous simply because George Washington did not sleep there! Rumor has it he tried to get a room but was turned away by the Loyalist innkeeper.  Completely and carefully renovated in 2009 by the Thompson Family, the restaurant includes a cozy tavern room with a notable collection of British royal family memorabilia and a pewter bar from Maxim’s in Paris, a large outdoor dining are overlooking the river, and a dining room with direct water views. Luxuriously outfitted guest rooms are on the top two floors.  Supplementing the Black Bass Hotel is the 1740 House, also recently renovated with 24 guest rooms and direct river views.

Don’t miss the Lumberville General Store, the place where locals and visitors alike can grab a quick breakfast or lunch as well as assorted baked goods. Residents still pick up their mail at this location, and its potbelly stove is the perfect place to warm up on a winter’s day.

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Plumstead Township is a big area that includes real estate in 18902, 18947, 18938 and of course property in Lumberville is part of this mix from a real estate perspective. Pipersville PA homes for sale fall into Plumstead Township’s northwest corner. Lumberville and Point Pleasant are the river towns along the Tohickon Valley and are very popular with tourists to the area. Located 75 miles from New York City and 47 miles from Philadelphia, Lumberville is a great day trip for young urban dwellers, though there are quite a few families who have called this village home for generations. Like nearby Carversville, there is no new construction in town, so those who want the charms of Lumberville without the historical home will have to look outside of the village center and walk, bike or drive into the village to enjoy its charms.

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