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Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania, the place where George Washington and his troops crossed the Delaware River on their way to the Battle of Trenton on Christmas, 1776, is a little crossroads  village just south of New Hope, Pennsylvania, and north of Yardley, Pennsylvania. Formerly known as Taylorsville, it is home to the 500-acre Washington Crossing Historic Park. It was here, at McConkey’s Ferry Inn, that George Washington and his troops planned their assault on the Hessian soldiers across the river in New Jersey. There are various other historical buildings in the park which is divided into upper and lower sections. Each Christmas Day, re-enactors cross the Delaware River in replica Durham boats just like the ones Washington and his troops used in 1776. The event draws hundreds of people each year.

Appropriately, the David Library of the American Revolution is located in Washington Crossing, a valuable repository for serious scholars and history buffs alike. There is arguably no other collection of Revolutionary-era records in the United States that compares to the library’s books, manuscripts, military records and other documents.

While Washington Crossing can feel like a step back in time, the modern world isn’t far, making it a popular place to live for those who commute to Philadelphia and New Jersey. A small bridge in the village connects to Titusville, New Jersey (and the New Jersey side of the Washington Crossing Historic Park), and access to I-95 is but five minutes or so away.

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Washington Crossing is part of Upper Makefield Township, and the housing options are plentiful.

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While some farms and historical homes dot the landscape, there are also small-scale newer developments and estate homes tucked away off country roads. Some of the more popular include Jericho Mountain Estates, River Crossing homes offer of Taylorsville Rd., Weathersfield Heritage Hills, Ely Farm and Dutchess Farm Estates. Some of the smaller towns in Upper Makefield include Pineville, Newtown in 18940, Brownsburg, Dolington and of course Washington Crossing in 18977.

For the person who wants to live in an area rich in American history, Washington Crossing reminds us daily of our country’s roots but is never too far from the conveniences most of us look for when choosing a place to call home.

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