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Yardley is an appealing, booming borough with the backbone of a classic Bucks County river town. Founded in 1682, the town has come a long way from its roots as a destination for canal workers and shipping folk.


Yardley borders the beautiful Delaware River. Expansive river views, access to the locally adored Delaware Canal State Park and a wide variety of wildlife are just a few benefits of this orientation. Yardley, unlike other Bucks County river towns, does not have a bridge to neighboring New Jersey. While Jersey commuters may find this a drawback, the lack of bridge spares Yardley from interstate traffic jams that other bridge towns are subjected to.


The de facto center of town is the quaint Lake Afton and the "Old Library" located on its bank. Popular with local waterfowl (including great blue heron), the lake has a pleasant vibe. It doubles as a popular ice-skating rink in the winter months.


On the business end of things, Yardley borough has a rather satisfying blend of independently owned businesses and standard franchises. Cramer's Bakery, opened by a returning WWII vet in 1946, provides the community with from-scratch baked goods. Lena's Deli, though small, is an accomplished deli ran by two up-and-coming female entrepreneurs. Starbucks has an impressively assimilated branch in the borough with a patio that overlooks Lake Afton.


Borough homes, many of which have been converted into businesses, display a variety of architectural styles. Find victorian duplexes, carpenter gothic standalones, stone manor homes alongside new construction townhomes and colonials. An accessible town with plenty of charm, Yardley is a great place to make a home.


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