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Distance: 0.22 Miles

Rating 275 reviews
Woodrow's Sandwich Shop


Distance: 0.23 Miles

Rating 66 reviews

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Distance: 0.24 Miles

Rating 103 reviews

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Distance: 0.24 Miles

Rating 24 reviews
Talula's Daily

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Distance: 0.25 Miles

Rating 220 reviews
Talula's Garden


Distance: 0.26 Miles

Rating 985 reviews
Nora's Taqueria and Grill


Distance: 0.27 Miles

Rating 62 reviews
The Good King Tavern

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Distance: 0.27 Miles

Rating 245 reviews
The Living Room Cafe

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Distance: 0.29 Miles

Rating 85 reviews


Distance: 0.3 Miles

Rating 1723 reviews

A member of the prestigious Main Line Suburb of Pennsylvania, Paoli developed around a pre-revolutionary inn and land bought directly from William Penn. Paoli continues to evolve from a small inn-town to its modern form as an appealing Philadelphia suburb.


Like other Main Line towns, Paoli enjoys the benefits a SEPTA’s regional rail--ride just 40 minutes into Center City, Philadelphia. Lancaster Pike, or Route 30, runs through the town and acts as a commercial center. Boutiques, coffee shops, electronics stores, pubs and restaurants branch out of this main vein.


South of Route 30 one finds quiet, tall-tree lined residential spaces. Homes are comfortably spaced out. In the south-west most corner of Paoli is Paoli Gardens--a neighborhood style residential district. North of Route 30 one finds more residential space and a number of apartment/townhome complexes.

Paoli Hospital, Villa Maria Academy High School and Upper Main Line YMCA are located in Paoli. There are a number of streams and small trails that residents can enjoy. Paoli is a great choice for those who wish to be close to the city of Philadelphia yet still want to enjoy the comforts of a suburb.

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