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Los Sarapes


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Rating 90 reviews
Solid Rock Cafe & Books

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Pina's Pizzaria


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Lucas Pizzeria


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Chalfont Family Restaurant

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The Talking Tea Cup

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Sakana Sushi Asian Fusion Restaurant

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Aman's Indian Bistro


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Pasta Mista

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Narberth is an oasis.

Geographically, the quaint borough is completely surrounded by Lower Merion Township. No major highways run through the borough. This lack of major roadways has helped spare the area from suburban sprawl and heavy commuter traffic. That is not to say that the historically rich region is lacking in accessibility. As a "Main Line" community, Narberth enjoys the accessibility of SEPTA regional rail. Residents can hop on a train at Narberth Station and arrive in Center City, Philadelphia in 19 minutes.

Narberth is host to a number of residential districts ranging from turn of the century row homes to private community standalones. Downtown Narberth is the ‘town’ section of the region and its commercial center.

Local businesses are largely independently owned and operated. Instead of strip malls and major fast food chains, Narberth’s downtown area is comprised of a diverse collection of restaurants, specialty grocery stores, hardware stores, boutique consignment shops, and other specialty businesses. A cheese purveyor, guitar shop, two theater cinema, ballet school and farmers market provide residents of Narberth impressive shopping options.

Due to the small size of Narberth, most residents can walk to this business district.

The borough is known for its summer basketball leagues, close proximity to prestigious schools and its leafy mix of residential, commercial and park spaces.

The diversity of home styles in Narberth creates a real estate market full of opportunity.

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