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Frenchtown: A Picturesque Village on New Jersey’s West Coast

As one familiarizes one’s self with the river-towns that dot Pennsylvania and New Jersey, a clear trend becomes apparent; these charming villages embody a balance between astounding natural beauty and sophisticated, small-town living. Frenchtown, an hour and fifteen minutes from both New York and Philadelphia, is a gleaming example of a charming river-town.

Frenchtown has gone by a few names over its years. Its current name derives from the French speaking settlers who arrived around 1800. Though, there is little if any linguistic evidence of these early settlers.

Modern Frenchtown grew from a pre-industrial age ferry port along the banks of the Delaware River. Ferries would transport travelers, settlers and merchants hither and yon Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In 1841 a covered bridge was constructed connecting Frenchtown, New Jersey and Tinicum Township, Pennsylvania. This bridge and its subsequent replacements fueled Frenchtown’s growth. 

Today, Frenchtown is a photogenic river-town with a bustling main street. Its business district is lined with boutique shops, café’s, restaurants, inns, farmers markets, churches, salons and more. With access to the New Jersey canal path, the village is a popular stop for bikers and joggers. Outdoor dining is popular in Frenchtown. 

Home options abound. The residential grid, just outside of the business district, is lined with well-maintained homes. Classic Victorians, single-family detached colonials, brick duplexes and cape-cods make up these adorable village blocks. Most homes have off street parking. Many have roofed front-porches as well. The quaint size of Frenchtown translates to a very walkable town. 

Frenchtown residency connotes a walkable, small town lifestyle and unparalleled access to the natural beauty of the river valley. 


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