A Heritage to Celebrate

Since it was founded in 1744, Sotheby's has been a name synonymous with fine art, antiques, rare objects and more recently, one-of-a-kind diamonds and stellar wines. We offer direct access to this esteemed institution, its staff of experts and its very discerning audience, individuals who value their homes as much as the special collections that fill them.

Unmatched Access

Sotheby's International Realty and Sotheby's auction house have a unique relationship that offers an array of opportunities for Kurfiss SIR clients. Whether it is displaying our property brochures at the real estate desk at the auction house in New York, submitting them for promotion on the Sotheby's auction house web site or promoting them in RESIDE and At Auction, two publications sent to auction house clients, we are the only real estate company in the Philadelphia area who can place properties in front of these savvy buyers.

In addition, we are able to connect collectors in our market area with the auction-house specialists - some of the most highly trained experts in their specialties -- who can then advise the collector on specific items.

Ready for a Visit?

Residents of the greater Philadelphia area can make a day trip to New York City to visit Sotheby's auction house at 72nd and York. The excitement generated by world-class auctioneers and bidders from around the globe surely will bring a smile to your face. And who knows? Raise your paddle and you just might be the new owner of a long-admired painting or antique!