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Ryan Scott Cortez has had a wealth of business success in some very challenging industries, including as the owner/operator of a successful restaurant and bar and as the owner of a plant nursery serving wholesale and retail customers. This business experience translates well to real estate, where a strong customer-service orientation, grasp of details and client focus are required. 'I have always been driven to build a business and have truly enjoyed navigating difficult business situations,' says Cortez. He understands that no matter the price point, a home can be a person's most valuable asset, so guiding clients to make wise buying and selling decisions is something he looks forward to. 'Having had so much experience in the business world, I am quite adept at adapting to various personalities, a trait I know can be valuable when building trust with clients and negotiating on their behalf,' says Cortez. Cortez specializes in residential sales and rentals. He understands that a person's home often is their single most important investment and believes his role is to help them choose wisely. He also is happy to help clients find rentals. 'Apartments need to be a place of comfort, enjoyment and relaxation, so helping a client sort through rentals is also something I'm happy to do,' he says. A resident of Philadelphia who previously lived in Bucks County for 15 years, Cortez says the city changed his life in many ways. He enjoys the offerings along the Avenue of the Arts, bike rides through Wissahickon and Fairmont Parks, the Art Museum Area and the city's many award-winning restaurants. 'Center City is a mixture of paints that are culturally rich and diverse. We mix them all up on a palette that we call Philadelphia,' he says.
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Ryan Cortez

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