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Rittenhouse Hotel and Condominiums
210 W. Rittenhouse Square Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103 United States

About Rittenhouse Hotel and Condominiums

Before there was the Residences at The Ritz-Carlton, there was The Rittenhouse Hotel and Condominiums. Situated directly on Rittenhouse Square at the northwest corner, this 33-story building was completed in 1989 as a hotel and now has 125 condominiums beginning on the sixth floor. The hotel remains top-rated and a favorite of those who know it. Condo owners enjoy many of the hotel's amenities, including the fabulous Lacroix restaurant, housekeeping services and use of the spa, fitness center and pool. Condo owners have their own entrance and their own 24/7 doorman. Parking is available for rent, though not for purchase. There generally is always a parking space available at the garage that is part of the building for buyers of condos at this building.

The building's design includes angled windows designed to broaden residents' views of Rittenhouse Square and the city -- and those units do command a premium. Condos facing west toward University City have a changing view with the FMC Tower and new construction at Drexel University, University of Pennsylvania and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia adding to the skyline.

Condos at The Rittenhouse Hotel and Condominiums range from studios to three bedrooms. All are highly customized -- they've been around long enough that most have been renovated at least once and often more. For that reason, as well as a lack of sales (residents do seem to love this building!), it's hard to compare values -- one two-bedroom/two-bath home could be valued entirely differently from another two-bedroom/two-bath due to differences in square footage, updates and views.

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