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A later part of Woodbury history: This sedate, classic 1950s home in Woodbury, N.J., was just listed for sale.

Historic Woodbury, N.J. was founded in 1683 by Henry Wood who was from an area near Bury, England. His surname and home town were combined to name the city he founded – Woodbury. It is one of the oldest “small cities” in the U.S. The “600” — 600 determined colonists who in 1777 defeated 6,000 Hessian soldiers, fought two miles west of Woodbury at Red Bank Battlefield, where Fort Mercer is located. Also in 1777, British General Lord Cornwallis, who would later surrender to George Washington at Yorktown, made his headquarters in Woodbury during his advance to capture Philadelphia.

Woodbury has been the county seat of Gloucester County for over two centuries. In December 1980, Woodbury was the first city in the U.S. to mandate recycling. Due to its role as County Seat and owing to Underwood Memorial Hospital, now Inspira Medical Center, Woodbury is the area’s legal and medical hub. Notable people associated with Woodbury include two U.S. Senators, including Benjamin Franklin’s nephew; two U.S. Congressmen; multiple Olympians and professional athletes; Donald Holmes, inventor of polyurethane; Jonathan Last, current columnist for The Weekly Standard (@jvlast); James Lawrence, who coined the phrase “Don’t give up the ship” during the War of 1812; J. Hampton Moore, former Mayor of Philadelphia; singer-songwriter Patti Smith; and other entertainers, jurists, state politicians, educators, inventors and authors. View our latest Woodbury masterpiece here:

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