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Pennsylvania has pristine fresh water fishing. We thought we’d highlight some of our current listings that offer fishing opportunities on property! I’ve found that Pennsylvania’s diverse bodies of fresh water are what make fishing here so enjoyable. Ponds, streams, lakes and rivers all have unique fauna and yield completely different experiences. If variety is the spice of life than we’re going to check out some very tasty listings which will have you wanting to cast a line!


4581 Route 447 Canadensis, PA 18325

The cool creeks that wind through Monroe county, Pennsylvania, are partially fed by ice melt and in turn are host to a coveted prize: trout. Find yourself in this home and reel in a rainbow trout feet from your backdoor–the grade A rated Buck Hill Creek boarders the property. This particular listing is truly awesome. There is plenty of screened in space for the less outdoor oriented individual as well. Did I mention the full fledged recording studio? ‘Nuff said I believe!


Buck Hill Creek




175 Tabor Road Ottsville, PA 18942

I had the pleasure of visiting this property in order to shoot a property video. After meandering down the wooded drive and riding over the wooden bridge, I knew this property was special. The stream runs the length of the property and features a waterfall and rock facade. In addition to the stream the property also features a pond. Thus, there is the potential for a few different kinds of fishing on this property. When you factor in seasonal changes in fish feeding habits/migration, one could stay very busy angling all year long. Grab your fly fishing rod and explore the creek’s many bends and cool pools for trout and sunfish. Or if you prefer a more relaxing fishing experience, grab a bobber and worm, take a shaded seat next to the pond and wait for the large-mouth bass to strike!




1 Delaware Road, Riegelsville, PA 18077

Sure, trout fishing is tranquil and enjoyable. However, they rarely put up much of a fight. For those seeking a sportier catch, look no further than this perched listing in Riegelsville. The home watches over the Delaware river where I’ve personally reeled up small mouth bass, catfish, walleye and other fighters. 1 Delaware Road is also a short walk from the Riegelsville Tavern. So after a reely long day, if you catch my angle, relax and get onboard with some refreshments just for the halibut.

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157 Hynick Road, Benton, PA 17814

Yet another retreat-like home, 157 Hynick Road has been used for making the most out of the outdoors for generations. Pristine waters are tailored with hard-scape natural stone–an excellent ‘perch’ to pull up a large mouth bass or two. Relax by the water or talk a walk through the woods–either way you can’t go wrong when air is clean and the fish are biting.

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— Michael A. Hirsch

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