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Bucks County is Renowned for its Natural Beauty

We’d like to highlight a few options for hiking in scenery-rich Bucks County. We’ll make sure to include options from all over the county. So strap on your boots and grab a camera, we’re going for a hike.

The Towpath

Towpath Loop Options
Towpath Loop Options

Easy terrain and scenic river views are the hallmarks of the Delaware Canal State Park (of Pennsylvania). The towpath runs along the eastern border of Bucks County–from Easton to Bristol. Towpaths were quite commonly used in the industrial era for moving raw materials. Mules and horses towed barges that floated goods on the calm canal waters. This process allowed for relatively easy transport of heavy materials in the pre-automobile era. Thanks to the efforts of state and private organizations, the Delaware Canal State Park remains remarkably intact. As a hiking destination, the Towpath is flat and smooth. Vast views of the Delaware River abound. Not to mention all of the wild-life that make this ecologic wonder home. An additional perk of hiking the towpath are the route options. Take one of the 6 bridges over to New Jersey and customize your loop.

Bucks County Towpath Scene
The Towpath in New Hope
Bucks County Towpath Scene
Looking South on the Towpath

Check out some listings along the Towpath:

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High Rocks

Towering above Tohickon Creek inside of Ralph Stover State Park  are metamorphic rock formations known as High Rocks. These towering geologic features provide a scenic and challenging setting for hiking and exploring the park. Rock climbers 101_4922-978x734take advantage of the sheer cliffs and ascend them with gear. Though, there are trails carved out around/ascending the cliffs that are more manageable and reward hikers with scenic vistas. Ralf Stover State Park is in north Bucks County and is close to Nockamixon State Park; another must-explore spot in Bucks County.

Bucks County Scenery
Ralph Stover State Park

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Tyler State Park

Bucks County's Tyler State Park
Tall Trees In Tyler State Park

South of High Rocks, approaching southern Bucks County, resides Tyler State Park. 1700 acres of varying, preserved Bucks County goodness. Creeks meander and intersect, meadows roll, tall trees wobble in the breeze and wildlife abounds. The park, once a farm property, contains a covered bridge (free of automobile traffic), a disk golf course and plenty of picnic space. There are countless permutations of trails available to customize a visit to one’s own hiking preferences. Take a leisurely stroll along the Neshaminy Creek or ascend the cliffs. Keep an eye out for water foul, fox, deer, predatory birds and other wild life.

Bucks County's Neshaminy Creek
Overlooking the Neshaminy Creek
Bucks County Covered Bridge
The Restored Covered Bridge of Tyler State Park


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